Forfar Out of School Club (FOOSC) was set up by the WRVS in 1992. The club was formerly known as Forfar Four Seasons Out of School Club but renamed in June 2015. FOOSC became parent led in October 2000 and the Club provides quality out of school, in service day and holiday care for schools in and around Forfar. The objective was to help and reassure hard working families that their children were cared for appropriately while they continued to work.

Other objectives now include providing a wide variety of play opportunities in a stimulating, challenging and safe environment for primary school aged children. The club has a strong commitment to include and work with children with additional support needs.

We recognise that all children need a stimulating environment and the freedom to play. The emphasis at our club is to remove barriers and create play opportunities for all the children, and actively encourage social inclusion.

We will promote the dignity, privacy, choice, safety, potential and diversity of all users and staff at our club.

We will achieve this in the following way:

  • The club will promote policies and procedures that reflect our aims in practice and will make them known to all staff, parents/carers and children.
  • The club will meet all relevant legislation required of it.
  • The club will employ competent qualified and confident staff who has been appropriately vetted.
  • The club will provide a balanced range of play opportunities, taking into account the ages, development and interests of every child.
  • The club will contribute to its local community and will develop links with services and organisation that will assist its aims
  • The club will operate a self-evaluation scheme as a means of ensuring continuous improvement and will involve all staff and users in this process
  • The clubs management will supervise the training, and daily work practice of its staff through formal supervision and development programme
  • The club encourages parents/carers and children to contribute to the life and work of the club and will promote positive behavior at all times.
  • The club will be transparent In all its activities
  • The club will take account of local, national and SOSCN guidance in its activities